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"I have been doing some unique designs since my start in this business 20+ years ago for numerous drummers. Since opening Los Angeles Drum Services things have gone to the next level. Now I have a proper shop and the tools/machines to make things from scratch instead of using manufactured rack bars and assembles." - Chris Achzet

Custom Designs: A custom design is made from raw materials and integrated from my exclusive and patented joint design. These joints make the tubes look seamless. I have created special tooling and a "rack template" that enables me to pull this off. I start with 20 foot lengths of unfinished tubing. All bends, finish and fabrication are custom. We use no manufactured tubing or bar joints. 
-Tube Bending: We can do just about anything.
-Tube Finishes: - Chrome
- Polished Stainless Steel
- Power Coating ; Virtually any variation of the color spectrum can be found or reproduced in power form. Flat, semi-gloss, textured, wrinkle, fluorescent and translucent finishes are available as well.
CAD designed racks are easy to assemble to provide quick setup and tear down. I would know I have been a touring drum tech my entire adult life.
-Reupholster: Want new material on your drum throne? We can wrap just about anything.

We are not limited to just Rack Designs, we can fabricate Keyboard stands, Mic Stands, DJ rigs, Cymbal Toppers, Accessory Tables, Drum Thrones.


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The Above video demonstrates how the CAD racks go together and tear down.